To heal our body, we cannot do it by parts', your body is unique and should be treat as whole one.  What I meant? I passed a several years trying to figure out myself and I thought that to prevent illness I should focusing only in exercising and in my healthy diet. However, I was forgetting something of my healing process- What was that? – MY MIND and SOUL. I was only focused in my BODY. That was my first mistake of many, however I am not afraid of changing daily. 

I am from Brazil, but I am settled in Australia. In 2008 I graduated in Dietitian & Nutritionist bacheral degree. Afterwards, I post-graduated in herbal medicine and also traditional Chinese medicine. I worked in Brazil with my profession about 4 years. I decided to leave my country because of I was missing some part of me - I was feeling emptiness. I always have the dream to travel the World - instead be in my hometown - in my confort zone - I am thirsty  to discovery the world. I wa searching for my freedom, which I thought I would find it by travelling, although isn't quite like I thought. 

I lost myself a bit while I was travelling as at my first four months I put up on weights almost 12 kg, working at Mc Donalds and eating so unhealthily. I need a break of every thing that I know. I need a time to myself. I need to understand how this model world works. I stay searching for happiness in party,    meeting people, etc. for about two years, until I realized that it wasn’t time anymore to play around and wasting my precious time.

I slowly started build up myself again and I had many failed among that until I realized that to be successful or to find happiness or to find joyful I most learn how to control my mind by healing it with breaking through limiting beliefs and also meditation.  

And I started to reconnect into myself by many holistic therapies. I first started teaching myself and learning about chakras, yoga, theta-healing, acupuncture, meditation, systemic family constellation, breath-work and healing crystals, nutrition, exercising and reading mindset books – it all started about 8 years ago. At the time, I was dealing with a overweight, fears and childhood trauma.

My mom is a Dietitian, as well as, she thought me that food is your own medicine since kids. I always avoid traditional medicine. Since younger I believe we most prevent rather than get something to treat it, especially when we are treated by modern medicine - we always get a side effect from their treatments.  I finally began to use my knowledge that I learned over the several years in myself. To be honest it wasn’t quite easier, I struggled a lot to break down bad thoughts and beliefs, and I failed many times until I understood how my consciousness and subconsciousness are control by me and how to reprogram it.

 I discovery new holistic approaches that’s combine spirituality with science – Physics Quantum.  In conjunction to this, and once I did, I was amazed at how much it helped me and that made me realizes how much I can do to help others. I joined a community meditation programs, and the hour of quiet quickly became a favourite part of my week. Honestly, I shrugged it off when people would start to talk to me about those things such as: meditation, astrology, energy, healing crystals or chakras and others as I was a religion person, plus I thought to myself that was too much of a hippie thing.... heheheh.....But then I started to learn about the benefits and tried these things in myself and I realised how closed mind and may racist about it I was. When I finally accepted that we are energy and we are all connected. I stopped losing time in materialism world and focus in my aim me.

In Australia I become Chef, Plant Based Chef, Sport Nutrition Studies and also Shamanic courses. I love be in constantly updating, as one of my belief is that to growth constantly the studies, never ends.   

Everything we see and touch is energy, including our bodies. Energy that is constantly flowing and changing. From that I understood that I cannot just treat a part of my body energy I most treat it all. So that is why I launched GREEN SALT MOVEMENT- as a new approach of healing in a journey into yourself. 

"Albert Einstein said everything is energy. From the food we eat, through the subtle matter, such as light and electromagnetic waves, to our thinking: everything can be conceptualized as energy."

Gabby Essado.


My approaches focus on natural, organic foods that nourish your body for optimal health. We can help you identify hidden sugars and harmful chemicals lurking in everyday foods. I will also assess your nutritional needs and adjust your diet accordingly with human body.

1. Improved Mental Health.

When the mind is healthy, the body is in a better position to be able to heal. Benefit from better concentration, more energy, less anxiety, and a better overall mood.

2. Find Your Emotional Balance
Many times, weight gain and poor health are caused by depression, anxiety, trauma, and emotional problems that you might not be aware of. We will consider these aspects before creating your diet.

3. Boost Your Motivation

I inspire and motivate people to reach their goals, whether it’s weight loss or better health. I teach you how the body uses food and how to get the nutrients needed to keep it functioning at its peak.

4. Improve Energetic Body. 

I like to balance your chakra through vibrational meals and thoughtful exercises such as meditation, breath work, yoga, pilates, walking into nature, swimming in the nature such as ocean or waterfall, energy therapies , crystal, circles, cacao sessions. I will teach you to unblock your chakras so that you can combine your trinity as unique form. 


I work by packages that one of it will be suitable for each of what you are looking for

Package 1. 

Package 2.  

Package 3.


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