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1 to 2 Consultation - Meal Planning

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Begin Your Personalised Consultation Journey with Me

If you're ready to embark on a transformative consultation journey with me, I kindly request the following information and materials:

  1. Body Composition: Please provide your body composition data, which can be obtained through a Body Composition Analysis at a local gym or through body measurements. Feel free to attach the PDF report.

  2. Photos: Share a set of photos capturing different angles of your body. These images will aid in assessing your current physical condition. Kindly attach the PDF with the photos.

  3. Food Diary: Maintain a food diary for a period of 3 to 5 days, documenting your meals and snacks. Including photos of your meals will greatly assist in understanding your dietary habits. Please attach the PDF with the food diary entries.

  4. Nutritional Assessment: Complete the nutritional assessment using the following link: [insert link]. This assessment will provide valuable insights into your current nutritional status.

  5. Video Tour: Capture a video tour of your fridge/freezer and wardrobe. Ensure good focus, move slowly, and show all the products, highlighting their ingredients. You can send this video via WhatsApp.

  6. Blood Test Results: If you have recent blood test results, please share them with me via email. This information will contribute to a comprehensive understanding of your health profile.

  7. Booking an Appointment: Schedule your consultation appointment at least 20 days in advance to secure your preferred date and time.

Please send all the requested materials to Once I receive your complete set of materials, I will dedicate up to one week to thoroughly analyze and personalize your consultation package.

Prepare to embark on a personalized and transformative consultation experience tailored to your unique needs. I look forward to joining you on this journey to optimal health and well-being.

Note: Please adjust the instructions and contact details to align with your actual information and requirements.

Our comprehensive consultation package includes:

• 2 Video Calls (Total 2 hours): Engage in personalized discussions. Please ensure you have a working camera and mic. Appointments are based on Brisbane time.

• Diet and Lifestyle Evaluation: Fill out a form and provide body composition, photos, and videos to enable a thorough assessment.

• Holistic Diagnosis & Herbal Medicine Treatment: Receive a personalized diagnosis and recommendations for herbal medicine to support your well-being.

• Meal Planning with Recipes: Access customized meal plans tailored to your dietary requirements and goals.

• Suggestions for Improving Lifestyle: Receive expert advice on lifestyle adjustments to optimize your health.

• Advise on Basic Wellness Supplementation: Gain insights into suitable wellness supplements for your specific needs.

1 to 2 Consultation - Meal Planning
1 to 2 Consultation - Meal Planning Sale price$290.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Carmem Martins
Easy going.

Thanks Gabi for being patient and getting great results with me. It was easier than I thought and hope we can keep going. Thanks

Alex Martins
Easy going.

Thanks Gabi for patience. We got great results. Will come back shortly.