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Organic Ready Meals Gold Coast

Weekly Menu

Dive into our dynamic weekly menus, featuring fresh recipes and fan-favorites that cater to all tastes. Discover new dishes each week and revisit the best of Green Salt Movement!

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Chickpea Falafel (GF)
Chickpea Falafel (GF) Sale priceFrom $17.60
Schnitzel Eggplant (GF)
Schnitzel Eggplant (GF) Sale priceFrom $17.60
Plant-Based Zucchini Ravioli (Option to add Chicken)
Mix legumes in Baked Shepherd's Pie (GF)
Veggie Thai Green Curry (GF)
Veggie Thai Green Curry (GF) Sale priceFrom $17.60
Weekly Menu of organic healthy meals Green Salt Movement Gold COast

Weekly Menu Delights

Discover Fresh Flavors Every Week

At Green Salt Movement, our culinary philosophy revolves around renewal and variety. Each week, we unveil a new menu, thoughtfully crafted to infuse diversity into your diet and allow you to experience both innovative dishes and returning favourites. This ever-changing selection ensures that every meal is an opportunity to explore flavours while adhering to our commitment to organic, plant-based nutrition.

By focusing on organic ingredients, we aim to offer meals that not only tantalize the taste buds but also contribute to a toxin-free lifestyle, promoting overall health and wellness. Our menu is designed to introduce a broader audience to clean eating, seamlessly integrating nourishing plant-based foods that cleanse and rejuvenate the body, supporting your health journey with every bite.

Join us this week to discover the vibrant, wholesome creations that make Green Salt Movement a leader in health-conscious dining on the Gold Coast. Embrace a lifestyle where eating well is a joy and a path to better health.