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Green Cacao Ceremonial Circles

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TIME: 18:00 pm (Brisbane time)  Friday 21/06/24

please arrives 10 min earlier. 

Join us for a transformative and enchanting Cacao Circle Ceremonial led by Gabby Essado, a Naturalist Dietitian with extensive experience in Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Healing, Intuitive Healing, and Herbal Medicine. Gabby has been facilitating circles for the past five years and brings a wealth of knowledge and healing expertise to each gathering and She always brings differently GUEST to join the Green CACAO Ceremony. 

  1. Cacao Paste - from Green Salt Movement 
  2. Movement & Mindfulness Meditation
  3. Sound Healing with Didgeridoo

What Should I bring with Me? 

1. A comfort and warm clothes

2. Yoga mattress or pillow to sit comfortable on the floor. 

3. A Warm blanket

4. Your Own Cup. 

We are Environmental Friendly


Address for the clinic
2BZEN INSTITUTE  ( inside Rhythm of Life Community) 

2/12 Classic Way, Burleigh Waters




1. Leia Graham  Physiotherapist,  Brain Trainer with Neurofeedback, Yoga Teacher and Pranic Healer

In my approach to Health & Healing, I'm driven by the curiosity to uncover the root causes of pain—whether they arise from physical, emotional, or mental sources. Through this understanding, I aim to empower individuals to regain control over their well-being and take proactive steps toward optimizing their health. With over 22 years of experience as a registered physiotherapist specializing in chronic pain management, and as a Yoga teacher and Pranic Healer since 2017, I've cultivated a deep understanding of the intricate interplay between body, brain, mind & SOUL.

Leia Graham isn't your typical physiotherapist; she's more like a friendly guide navigating the twists and turns of body, mind, and spirit. Picture this: unravelling the puzzle of your discomfort – whether it's a tense muscle, a heavy heart, or a restless soul – and then, with Leia's gentle guidance, understanding why you're feeling the way you do and charting a course towards healing.

With over two decades of experience as a registered physiotherapist and a recent journey into yoga instruction since 2017, Leia's career has been an exciting blend of science and spirituality. From her early days in university to her ongoing exploration of integrative somatic trauma therapy, Leia's commitment to unravelling the connections between mind and body remains unwavering.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Leia nurtures her interests in personal growth through her private library, indulges in hot yoga, and explores the multifaceted joys of conscious motherhood. Amidst her bustling schedule of work and family life, Leia finds joy in the simple pleasures – whether it's mindfully savouring her morning coffee, dancing and singing with her children, whipping up wholesome meals in the kitchen, or sharing laughter with friends.

2. Lucas Mota 

I discovered my connection with the didgeridoo in Brazil, a week before moving to Australia in 2015. And with the didgeridoo I discovered the power of the circular breathing, focus and presence, which take me to a place of inner peace that overflows through its sound.

3. Rapha Alvarenga 

Will be helping as to holding the space as will move a lot of energy surround us in this circle and also supporting Leia with some Breathwork exercises. 

What to expect from  Green Salt Movement's Cacao Circle Ceremonial? 

  1. Ceremonial-grade Cacao (Gabby): Each participant will receive 35 to 40 grams of high-quality ceremonial cacao - organic and from Peru. The specific dosage may vary depending on the energetic needs of the group at that particular moment. The cacao serves as a powerful catalyst for the ceremonial experience.

  2. Open Circle (us): The gathering will take place in an open circle format, creating a safe and supportive space for all participants to share and connect with one another.

  3. Blessing (Gabby): The ceremony will begin with a blessing, setting the intention for the gathering and invoking positive energy and healing.

  4. Mindfulness Movement & Meditation (Leia): Depending on the energy of the group and the flow of the ceremony. Movement can be a powerful expression of emotions and can enhance the overall experience. (Rapha will support her with some Breathwork exercises). 

  5. Sound Healings (Lucas): Various types of sound healing techniques will be incorporated into the ceremony. These may include the use of instruments such as singing bowls, drums, rattles, or other tools that create harmonious vibrations to promote relaxation and balance.

  6. Coming back Meditation (Gabby): guided meditation to finalise the circle.  
  7. Closing Circle (us): The gathering will take place in a closing circle format, creating a safe and supportive space for all participants to disconnect from all energies that not longer suits you.  

Please note that the specific activities included may vary based on the flow of the ceremony, the energy of the group, and the expertise of Gabby Essado, who brings her extensive background in healing modalities to create a rich and immersive experience.

We invite you to embark on this journey of exploration, healing, and empowerment in the company of like-minded individuals, guided by all the facilitatores expertise and nurturing presence.


It's essential to be mindful of certain contraindications. If you have recently experienced a head injury, undergone surgery, or are managing a serious mental health condition with medications, please consult with us before purchasing a ticket. We prioritize the safety and comfort of all participants and want to ensure that everyone can fully benefit from the experience.

If you are currently taking any medications, kindly confirm with us before securing your ticket. We want to ensure that there are no potential interactions or concerns that could affect your participation. Rest assured, you are still more than welcome to join us and enjoy all other aspects of the gathering.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to the limited availability of spaces, we are unable to provide refunds. However, we gladly accommodate ticket transfers to another person. Your understanding regarding this policy is greatly appreciated.

For further information and inquiries, please reach out to us via email at or contact us directly at +61436144446. Our team is here to assist you and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Remember, we are not always wounded and in need of healing. We possess incredible resilience and strength within us. Sometimes, we just require the guidance and tools to access and harness that strength. 

Made with love,

Green Salt Movement


Green Cacao Ceremonial Circles Sale price$45.00

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Alex Martins
Lovely Afternoon

Brilliant ceremony leaded by Gabi with some drums healing sound bring an amazing vibe for people into it. We loved the cacao itself and the meals afterwards were a perfect combination. Id like bring some friends next time for this unique experience.