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In fact, the rituals that are created to heal your body as well as your mind should become a part of your lifestyle, not mere seasonal recipes you’d enjoy just once a year. You deserve a year-round stress-reducing system that will help you enjoy your life on an entirely different level. Certain practices, such as mindfulness, have been successfully used to support this goal for years, and the sooner you embrace the preventative mindset as opposed to dealing with already visible symptoms such as irritability or fatigue, the greater the benefits you’ll reap. 

Let’s take a look at a few tried-and-tested healing rituals that promise to pamper your body and your soul on your road to restoration and healing from all the toxic effects of the modern world. Return to mother nature to help detox your body, mind and spirit.

If you’re sick of the urban jungle, get tired of the commotion, and you crave a serene environment, then a trip to your nearby natural reserve can be the right choice for your body and soul. An even better approach would be to include more outdoor time into your everyday schedule, even if it means increasing that time only by minutes. 

You can start walking to work, or cycling, and scheduling more outdoor dates and meetings. Make a promise to yourself to spend more time in the sun so that your energy can be restored.


  1. Start Meditating

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for quite some time now, you have already heard so much about meditation and its many uses in everyday life. It’s a great way to detox your body, mind and spirit.

But have you actually tried to incorporate it into your life? 

Once you understand that there is no such thing as the wrong way to meditate, if you manage to find a position or motion that you’re comfortable in, you can focus on producing positive thoughts and soothing your breathing patterns.

Some people meditate while they jog, while others prefer to do it in complete silence just before bedtime.  After all, you can do both, or try a range of different ways to meditate until you find the right match for you. It’s a powerful way to keep stress at bay, as meditation has a mighty impact both on your physical, emotional, and psychological existence.


  1. Get active

Just like with meditation, we’ve known about the benefits of regular exercise for our health for years. 

That, however, hasn’t stopped us from neglecting this habit for the sake of many other, less beneficial habits, and thus changing our priorities more permanently. It’s time to go back to the basics of detoxing through physical activity and make exercise a regular part of your daily routine. 

Not that you need to go to the gym seven days per week, but building an active mindset is a great place to start.

Daily walks, jogging with your pooch, or simply taking the stairs can make a significant change in your attitude towards exercise. 

Working out can be whatever activity you enjoy, whether it’s breakdancing, doing yoga, or lifting weights, the goal is to help your body stay strong and resilient, and facing regular challenges and obstacles in your workouts is the best way to achieve just that.

 3. Revitalizing treatments

Toxins can come in many shapes and forms, from the pollutants we’re unfortunately exposed to on a daily basis, to the ones our own bodies produce when we react to stressful situations and life changes – even thoughts can be toxic if you let them fester long enough to dominate your mind. 

Sometimes, all you need is a weekend getaway to indulge in different relaxing treatments to heal your mind and body alike. You’d be surprised how much pent-up negativity your body might be harbouring. You should grant it the chance to detox properly and release all the stress and toxic energy you’ve accumulated over time.

  1. Food

Like all things, food has energy. The food we consume affects the energy of our personal ecosystems and our chakras. To stay healthy, we need to have balanced and fluid energy from head to toe.

When our energy system, or chakras, are aligned, we feel positive in our well-being, in the rhythm of life, and we have the appropriate energy we need to handle the day. We know that food affects our mind, our mood, our energy levels and our health. To find the ideal balance, we must eat high-vibration foods that help restore balance and provide energy to our cells and, therefore, to our energy system.

  1. Cacao Paste (Grade Ceremonial)

According to Holistic Nutritionist Herbalitic Gabby Essado, postgraduated in herbal medicine, Theobromina, the active ingredient in cocoa has a calming effect, capable of increasing blood flow to the heart, which naturally activates the heart chakra. “The person becomes more creative, more compassionate, more loving. In that sense, cocoa is a potentializer, ”she explains. As cocoa is a powerful anti-oxidant, with a high index of flavonoids, it is possible to experience different sensations such as mild tachycardia, headache, drowsiness, among other symptoms ” she says.

Gabby Essado Says by her experiences in a circle, online groups and also by her own using off cacao. “This is because cocoa works as a food for the soul and, as such, helps to dissolve emotional hurts and traumas. “Our physical body has memory and everything that happens to us is kept in the form of muscle contractions, tension, contraction, etc. From the moment the cocoa is absorbed, it relaxes the entire musculature of the body, everything becomes softer. Cocoa is able to cut the connection of chronic pain, for example. This helps to access those emotions that are stored and allows us to look at the traumas and reframe them ”, explains


  1. Detox

Smooth digestion and absorption of nutrients along with your liver's efficient processing of toxins are critical for great health. That's why a cleanse program can be a powerful tool to rejuvenate your body and skin from the inside out. The key to comfortable cleanse is to ease yourself into the program, so that your body doesn't go into a shock. Five days before you begin your detox diet plan, progressively eliminate alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugars, saturated fats, and all processed foods. These can add as toxins in your body. Increase fibre intake to help keep your colon clean. Along with the fibre from fruits and vegetables, include two tablespoon of chia seeds in a glass of water to eliminate toxins from your body. Don't forget to drink lots of filtered water- at least eight glasses per day. Another deterrent to good health is stress, as it triggers your body to release stress hormones. It's a good idea to cleanse stressful life situations along with your body. Keep a diary and take a note not only of what you eat and drink but also your emotions. I hope you are sufficiently motivated, now let's get started with the specifics of your detox meal planning.




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