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How to Make A Green Sacred Cacao

How to Make A Green Sacred Cacao

Simple Steps to Prepare Cacao

Whether you are getting ready for a cacao ceremony or want to make a nourishing morning drink as part of your daily routine, we have recipes for every occasion. 

Ceremonial Cacao Recipe For One Person

1)   Heat water until boiled the water in a filter water _ reduction of heavy metals.   When the water is boiling reduce the heat to a low heat and add/ or not the spices into it - wait for 5 min and add green cacao paste. Try not to boil the liquid – just like green tea, you can heat out all the powerful nutrients in cacao. We use a handheld thermometer or electric kettle with temperature control. The cacao paste is important to maintain under 60 C If you’re in a pinch, boil water and let it cool for a few minutes first, or just boil it and then add a cup of cold water to it.

2)   Select your dosage with intention. As you’re getting started, it is good to take note of how your body responds to different amounts, as everybody is different.

Everyday dose          15g      ½ cup water

Ceremonial dose        25 - 45 g ( starts first with lower doses)      ½ - 1 cup water

3)    Make it creamy! Place cacao in a blender together with heated water around 60 C and gently blend for 15 seconds to create a delicious, frothy drink. For a single serving you can also place the discs in a mug, and then blend with a handheld milk frother, which requires less cleanup. Traditional methods of mixing cacao in Latin America include molinillos

4) Go Beyond - Add Your Favorite Super Foods

- Brew maté or guayusa, and add this to the blender, rather than hot water. This is a very energizing combination!

- Add chili or cayenne when blending your hot drinking chocolate. Other ingredients that go well with a spicy chocolate are cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger – all of these are heating and will boost circulation.

- Blend in various super-foods, such as fresh bee pollen, or the Peruvian root maca that balances hormones and give stamina.

- Make it creamy- Blend it with homemade or organic vegan milks. 

What To Do With Leftovers

We want to give back to cacao as much as it gives to us – so if you have extra, we advise you to:

  • Refrigerate in a sealed container and reheat the following morning for cacao round 2! (consume within 12-24 hours)
  • Make cacao mousse! (This also will last three days longer than keeping the cacao in liquid form!) Pour your cacao into muffin tins, and stir in any sweetener or spices (perhaps a little cinnamon or sprinkle of cayenne). The important thing is to finalize the recipe before letting the cacao set up. Leave it in your refrigerator overnight. You will have a creamy mousse by morning, ready to eat!
  • Make cacao ice cubes! Pour the leftover cacao into ice cube trays and put it in the freezer. You can put 2-3 cacao ice cubes in your smoothie the next day to add healthy cacao to your breakfast.
  • Gift it to friends and loved ones
  • Return it to the Earth with gratitude

We know you’ll love making your very own cacao drink, and we’re here for you as you experiment with creating your perfect cup. If you have a question, message us through email and we'll be happier to answer you back. 

Green Salt Movement 

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