Welcome to the Green Sacred Circle, a sacred space for self-reflection, rejuvenation, and liberation from judgment. In this gathering, we open our hearts and minds to connect with one another, sharing our wisdom, love, energy, gratitude, intuition, and life experiences. It is a safe haven where authenticity thrives, and all are encouraged to be their true selves.

At the heart of our Green Sacred Circles lies the ceremonial cacao, a sacred and nourishing elixir. This vibrant green drink is a catalyst for connection, awakening our senses and opening our hearts to deeper experiences. Dancing becomes a form of expressive freedom, allowing us to connect with our bodies and move in harmony with the energy around us. Healing music resonates within us, supporting our emotional well-being and creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Shamanic healing practices are woven into the fabric of our circles, offering profound transformation and connection to the spirit realm. Journaling provides an avenue for self-reflection, as we pour our thoughts and emotions onto paper, gaining clarity and insight. Yoga and reiki bring balance and restoration to our bodies, minds, and spirits.

We embrace grounding and calming rituals, such as the burning of cleansing herbs, to release negative energies and purify our space. Through meditation, we quiet the noise within and find inner peace, while setting intentions aligns our energies with our deepest desires. Sitting with an altar adorned with meaningful objects further deepens our connection to the sacred.

Within our Green Sacred Circles, we create a sacred container where vulnerability is welcomed and authenticity is celebrated. We give ourselves permission to be real, expressing our true selves without fear of judgment. In this supportive community, we listen to one another with compassion, understanding, and respect, witnessing each other's journeys and offering a space to be seen and heard. The profound connections and magical moments we co-create nourish our souls and inspire personal growth.

Join us in the embrace of the Green Sacred Circle, where transformation, healing, and the celebration of our authentic selves await. Together, we cultivate a space of love, acceptance, and connection, empowering one another to shine brightly in our unique beauty.

What are the benefits of Green Sacred Circles?

Embrace the transformative power of the Green Sacred Circle, where clarity, intention, healing, and profound connections await. Step into this space of self-exploration and authentic connection, allowing the energy of the circle and ceremonial cacao to guide you toward a deeper understanding of yourself and others.


Green Sacred Circles offer transformative experiences for clarity, healing, and inner growth. Within a safe and open-hearted environment, the shared ceremonial cacao elevates mood, enhances intuition, and fosters deep connections. These circles provide a space to explore new perspectives, set intentions, and connect with others on a profound level. It is a transformative journey of self-discovery and authentic connection.

What Green Sacred CACAO does?

Our Green Sacred Ceremonial Cacao, made from 100% raw organically grown cacao paste from the Amazon in Peru, serves as a powerful tool to increase the energetic field of our hearts. When we come together in a group ceremony, this field is amplified and interwoven with the hearts of all participants. Each individual carries their unique medicine and messages, and even strangers in the ceremony may share experiences that provide clarity or inspiration in life. By collectively drinking cacao, the group shifts their energy into the same frequency or vibration, similar to friends going out for beers and embarking on a shared journey through the effects of the beverage.

In the Green Sacred Circle ceremony, you have the opportunity to re-connect with the wisdom of your heart, set intentions for letting go and embracing new ways of being. Within this nurturing space, you will experience a heightened sense of connectedness to others present, as well as those in your life who are not physically there, and to the sacredness that surrounds us all.

The ceremony typically lasts around 3 and a half hours, and while the immediate effects may subtly linger for a few hours afterward, you can continue to tap into the wisdom by reconnecting with a quiet space. It's important to note that some lethargy and emotional movement may occur after the ceremony as part of the integration and rest period. During this time, it is beneficial to allow old emotions to pass through like a gentle breeze, as deep patterns are released. Be gentle and nurturing to yourself during this process.

Here are the different offerings of Green Sacred Cacao:

  1. Green Sacred Circle in a group (Only in GOLD COAST, BRISBANE, BAYRON BAY AND SUNSHINE COAST ): A Green Sacred Circle provides a space for self-reflection and rest, free from judgment. The ceremony is typically opened by one or three individuals who encourage the group to connect and share their wisdom, love, energy, gratitude, intuition, and experiences. The circle may include elements such as green ceremonial cacao, dancing, healing music, Shamanic healing, journaling, yoga, reiki, flow breath, grounding and calming rituals, meditation, intention-setting, or sitting with an altar of meaningful objects. To participate, bring a yoga mat, cushions, a blanket, and a water bottle.

  2. Green Sacred Circle in a Session (for individuals or couples - only GOLD COAST - QLD ): Gabby Essado, a practitioner specialising in healing services, offers sessions focused on recognising and releasing trauma and pain that hinder personal growth. Through various modalities such as intuitive reflexology, water healing, flow breath, music healing, essential oils, acupuncture, vibrational Healing, and Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, Gabby assists in balancing chakras and fostering a happier, balanced, and healthier life. The session durations and pricing are as follows:

  • 1 hour for 1 person: $85
  • 2 hours for 2 people: $145
  1. Live Green Sacred Circle - Online: This online experience lasts for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Participants will be guided through a mix of elements, including an opening cacao blessing, intention setting and sharing, discussions on moon and astrological themes, cacao education, meditation and guided inquiry prompts, live music, and a closing. The ceremony requires you to prepare your own ceremonial space and cacao before it starts. The session will be recorded, allowing you to watch it later.

To prepare for a Green Sacred Cacao Ceremonial experience, follow these recommendations:

Set the space: Ideally, find a private space where you can dedicate time to self-care. Create a nourishing environment with pillows, candles, and any special items that resonate with you, such as a notebook and pen, animal totems, oracle cards, incense, crystals, essential oils, or herbal medicines. Your presence is the most important aspect, so you don't necessarily need specific items or ritual preparation. Consider having a comfortable sitting pillow, a candle, and a charging cord for your laptop or phone. Headphones may also enhance the experience.

Make your cacao: Select your favorite mug and follow the provided recipe to prepare your cacao. It's recommended to make the cacao before the ceremony and keep it warm in a thermos. Pour it into your special mug once the ceremony begins.

Note that refunds and transfers are not available.

Additional recommendations for all types of Green Sacred Circle:

  • Arrive on time to respect the ceremonial container. If you are more than 5 minutes late, it's best to join the next ceremony.
  • Reduce or avoid caffeine intake on the ceremony day.
  • For optimal cacao absorption, fasting is recommended. If fasting is not possible, adopting a plant-based diet for three days and timing meals to avoid being too full will support your body in assimilating the cacao and receiving its subtle energy cues.
  • For the online Green Sacred Circle, find a quiet and comfortable space. Consider creating a small altar with a candle and lighter, have pillows to sit on, meaningful objects, a journal and pen, headphones, and water nearby. Prepare your cacao approximately 15 minutes before the ceremony, ensuring it stays warm in a thermos until the ceremony begins. Put your intentions into the cacao as you make it. The ceremony will start by taking the first sip together, so please wait to drink it. A ceremonial dose ranges from 15g to 45g, depending on your intuition and what feels right for you. Avoid adding sugar or non-organic ingredients, and consider using organic spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, sage, chili, and filtered water.

Thank you for your interest in the Green Sacred Cacao experience!

    Make your cacao

    • Select your favorite mug, cacao and follow our foundational recipe here.
    • Since you’ll want to make your cacao before our ceremony starts, it can be helpful to keep it in a thermos so it stays warm. You can then pour it into your special mug once we are ready to start the ceremony.

    NOTE: Please note there are no refunds and transfers available.



    For all types of Green Sacred Circle: 

    • PLEASE join us on time. If you will be more than 5 minutes late, we ask that you respect the ceremonial container and join the next ceremony.
    • We recommend avoiding or reducing your caffeine intake on ceremony day
    • To the best absorption of the Green Sacred Kakao, fasting would be the best scenary to your body assimilates it and also to get better healing perfomance from it - a medicinal plant - Let it heal your body.
    • If you cannot be fasting another suggestion is made for you be plant based for 3 days and timing meals so you are not too full. This will help your system assimilate the cacao, and prepare your body to receive more subtle energy cues from the cacao.

    If it is online Green Sacred Circle: 

    • Ideally, you can be in a quiet space that feels comfortable and nourishing to you. Option to create a small altar with a candle & lighter.
    • Pillows to sit on, meaningful objects, a journal and a pen, headphones, and water are also nice things to have nearby.
    • Please prepare your cacao ~15 minutes before ceremony, it can be nice to put it in a thermos to keep it warm. If this is your first time making cacao I would give yourself 25 minutes to prepare your space, your laptop & the cacao and not feel rushed.
    • Listening to Shamanic healing sounds. 
    • You can also start to put your intention into your cacao when you make it, too.
    • We'll open the space together and take our first sip together, so please wait to drink it.
    • A ceremonial dose are about 15g up to 45g. Please use your intuition as to how many discs your being is inviting in.
    • Don't use any type of sugar, milk or a food that isn't Organic. 
    • Use organic spices such us: cinnamon, cardamon, sage, chilli and filtered water.