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Vaginal Yoni Steam - Herbal


Welcome, Sister! You have discovered a powerful ancient secret to women’s wellness.

Yoni steaming or vaginal steaming is an ancient self-health practice to restore health and balance to your physical feminine cycles, ease the transition through life phases, unlock the intimate magic of your womb and release toxic emotion such as stress, tension and stagnation. This organic blend was carefully created based on Maya tradition where midwives and traditional healers in Central and South America used this technique to help women reconnect to their intuitive power and wellbeing.

Thousands of women are experiencing a wide range of benefits from yoni steaming, a practice in which a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to permeate the exterior of her vagina. But why?

• Significant reduction in pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation.

• Decreased menstrual flow.

• Regulation of irregular or absent menstrual cycles.

• Increased fertility.

• More rapid healing and a toning of the reproductive system after giving birth.

• Treatment of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse & endometriosis.

• Assistance with the repair of a vaginal tear, episiotomy, or C-section scar.

• Assistance with the healing of hemorrhoids.

• Treatment of chronic vaginal/yeast infections, and works to maintain healthy odour.

• Relief for symptoms of menopause including dryness or pain.

• Detoxification of the womb and body.

• Reconnection to the Earth and ancient women’s wisdom.

• Release of stored emotions.

• Access to the feminine energy that gives rise to our vibrant radiance and creative potential.  

Repeat 2-3 times monthly, before or after your menstrual cycle. You may notice that your next menstruation will be heavier and darker, but this is temporary! Within 1-2 months, your menstruation will be easier, lighter and pinker in colour. Discomfort associated with menstruation will be reduced.

 Avoid Yoni Steams if:
* You are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.
* You are currently on your menstrual cycle.
* You have an IUD or another contraceptive device in place.
* You have a vaginal infection or open wounds.

* If you have genital piercings, remove it as the heat may cause burning.
* Do not use essential oils in your steams.

DISCLAIMER: This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Keep out of reach of children. For meditation and instructions for the ritual, access our social media.

Approximately 10 Steams - 60g

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