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Organic Sweet Almond Oil

“Invest in your skin. It’s going to represent you for a very long time.” Linden Tyler
Sweet almond oil is obtained from the shelled fruit of the Prunus dulcet tree, commonly known as the almond tree. It is a rich golden colour and has a characteristic aroma. Known as the “King of Nuts”, historical sources suggest domesticated almonds appeared as early or earlier than 4000BC. Said to be native to Iran and surrounding countries, it also grows in the Mediterranean and other countries in the Earth’s temperate zone.Nature’s Shield sweet almond oil is certified organic and sustainable and is cold-press extracted, for preservation of its natural qualities.
It is commonly used in many skin and hair products to enhance the appearance, texture and health of both. Since ancient times it is thought to be particularly beneficial for brain health too, due to its special nutrients. May be used as is for face, skin and hair treatments and added to food as part of a healthy diet.
Sweet almond oil contains:

  1. Vitamin E, K, are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, being helpful in cases of sun exposure and skin irritation issues and may in combating natural ageing of skin tissue.
  2. Fatty acids, mostly monounsaturated fats ,which are the healthiest for dietary consumption. Almond oil taken internally, has been linked to a wide range of  benefits, relating to  cholesterol, blood sugar, eye and brain health.
  3. Zinc, which can be useful for nail and hair health, applied as a moisturiser or treatment. Almond oil is a natural makeup remover and skin moisturiser.

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