Family Constellation is a process for revealing the hidden dynamics in a family, that out of love and loyalty we unconsciously carry from our ancestors.

We may be aware of this pattern of negative behaviour; however, it can be extremely hard to free ourselves from it. Through the process of Family Constellations, we respectfully connect with our ancestors, looking at our family situations with wider lens, without judgement and morality to understand why our personal and relationship issues occur.

Family Constellations can help with issues including:

  •         Family and relationship difficulties
  •         Divorce
  •         Violence
  •         Illness
  •         Eating disorders
  •         Addictions
  •         Adoption
  •         Abortion
  •         Infertility
  •         Emotional symptoms such as unhappiness, anger, depression or lack of motivation.


About Dani:

Hello, my name is Daniele, the person behind Evolving Essence. I am a Reiki and Thetahealing practitioner and Family Constellation facilitator.

I always felt deep in my heart the need to help others, and people around always looked to me as a person to whom they could open up and receive guidance.

I started my journey of self-discovery at age 15, when I connected with the incredible teachings of Yoga philosophy, which opened the doors for a lot of growth within me.

After becoming a mother to my beautiful daughter, I began a deep journey of looking at my own shadows and traumas that transformed me in a way that I was finally able to connect and understand my life mission to help others on their self-discovery and healing journey.

And here I am, holding space for those who are willing to grow, evolve and heal.


  • Family Constellation – Family Constellations - Brisbane, Australia.
  • Family Constellation – CM Desenvolvimento Humano, Online - Brazil.
  • DNA Basic  Thetahealing – Thetahealing Institute of Knowledge - Gold Coast, Australia.
  • Advanced Thetahealing – Thetahealing Institute of Knowledge - Gold Coast, Australia.
  • Digging Thetahealing – Thetahealing Institute of Knowledge - Gold Coast, Australia.
  • Traditional Usui Reiki I & II –  Kailash Tribal School - Dharamshala, India.
  • Holistic Himalayan Sound Healing – Kailash Tribal School - Dharamshala, India.

This approach can also be used in a business as a tool that exposes what is out of order and needs attention.

Online Individual Family Constellation Session: 1-2 Hours. $120

Face to Face Individual Family Constellation Session (Gold Coast): 1-2 Hours $120


Hello Evolving Being,
I see you, and I am honoured to share this journey with you.
Please know, that this is a safe place for you to face, acknowledge, explore and integrate what you are going through.
I see you; I honour and I am grateful for you.
With Love,
- Dani